Selected Publications

I have been involved in a number of publications and am currently researching for a third book.

A selection of publications:

  • Green A, Hicks J, Weekes R, Wilson S (2005) A cognitive-behavioural group intervention for people with chronic insomnia: an initial evaluation. British Journal of Occupational Therapy 68(11), 518-522.
  • Green A, Hicks J, Wilson S (2008) The experience of poor sleep and its consequences: a qualitative study involving people referred for cognitive-behavioural management of chronic insomnia. British Journal of Occupational Therapy 71(5), 196-204.
  • Green A (2008) Sleep, occupation and the passage of time. British Journal of Occupational Therapy 71(8), 339-347.
  • Green A and Westcombe A (2012) Sleep: multiprofessional perspectives. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Green A and Brown C (2015) An occupational therapist’s guide to sleep and sleep problems. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Zimmerman A and Green A (2022) “Sleep, the main course in life’s feast”: the role of sleep in eating difficulties. In J Downs et al. (eds) The Practical Handbook of Eating Difficulties. Shoreham by Sea: Pavilion Publishing and Media Ltd.
  • “Asleep for ages”: Perspectives on sleep in history
  • No Shame for Extreme Night Owls
Publications: Sleep Multi-Professional Perspectives
Publications: Sleep and sleep problems