Other Sleep Problems

Many people who do not have insomnia could still improve their sleep. It can be helpful to have a better understanding of how we get to sleep, and stay asleep, and to ensure that we have good routines and get sufficient sleep at a time that is best. One or two sessions of sleep coaching could be beneficial for sleep problems other than insomnia.

Apart from insomnia, many other sleep disorders can be well managed by medication, assuming that the problem has been diagnosed and treated appropriately. I cannot advise on medication, but there may be additional ways of helping to cope with sleep problems such as excessive sleepiness, parasomnias (e.g., sleepwalking) and circadian rhythm problems (sleeping at the “wrong” time).

Each person’s sleep problems and circumstances are different and individual plans are needed. These can be made in an assessment meeting.  In such cases, it is not usually necessary to have more than one or two further sessions.

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What I cannot do

I am unable to advise on children’s sleep, or on specialist equipment or bedding to enable a person with a disability (adult or child) to achieve a comfortable position at night.

Although I have experience of working with people with a range of sleep disorders, I cannot advise on respiratory problems in sleep, such as obstructive sleep apnoea.

Sleep Problems and how to manage them with therapy. Alarm clock.