Sleep Training for Professionals

Sleep Training

Although some people need therapy to improve sleep, everyone can benefit from a better understanding of sleep and the things they can do to maintain a healthy sleep pattern and to improve performance. It may be helpful for employers to have a greater awareness of the importance of employees having sufficient sleep. Additionally, because our night-time sleep is so closely associated with daytime activity, it can be important in carrying out a wide range of projects to consult a sleep expert for sleep training.

sleep training for professionals

I have run training events, in locations from the south coast to the north of England, about sleep and sleep problems for occupational therapists and other health professionals in a variety of specialities including rheumatology, CFS/ME and pain management. Some of these have been run in conjunction with the Community Therapists Network and with Pain Training and Education, but events can be arranged by negotiation according to requirements.

In a typical day-long seminar for health professionals the following can be covered:

  • The importance of sleep and patients’ requirement for sleep
  • The science of normal sleep and natural variation
  • Relationships between sleep and daytime activity
  • Sleep problems/disorders
  • The assessment of sleep and sleep problems, including when to refer
    Approaches to the management of sleep problems

Shorter or longer events are possible depending on the content required, and through negotiation they can be tailored, subject to the extent of my knowledge, to the requirements of different audiences.

To discuss sleep training further, please get in touch with me here.